Rynda presenting @ MIDEM 2013: Marketing – Fan-to-Fan Marketing for Artists & Brands

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Today’s marketing strategies must go beyond the direct-to-fan model for maximum impact. Artists and brands can expand reach by working with and inspiring fans to share and communicate their vision. Various methods can be used to maximize engagement within a fanbase while also expanding the reach to new fans. Discover how innovative ideas, cross marketing among platforms, working with startups, and building strong communities can help you set up a successful fan-to-fan marketing strategy.

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See you at MIDEM? I’ll be chatting about Tips on Marketing: Digital Campaign, Direct2Fan and Engagement

Tips on Marketing: Digital Campaign, Direct2Fan and Engagement

Tuesday, 31st January 2012 from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

MentoringDirect2Fan Camp, Riviera HallDirect to Fan

Receive personalised advice on successful marketing strategies and applied techniques from specialists and practitioners. Each mentor leads two one-to-many discussions with 7 participants during 30 minutes each. This is your chance to ask all your questions and get practical advice on the related topic. No need to book, just turn up! First-come, first-served.


Berger VirginieBerger Virginie
Founder and CEO, DBTH (France)Virginie Berger, more than 14 years of experience in the media and music industry, is the founder and CEO of DBTH, http://dbth.fr,  a strategy, promotion and development firm, dedicated to artists and creative industries.She also wrote  the book “Music and digital strategies” (IRMA publishing).She is the former marketing and content director of MySpace France, and now also reader for IMM, Nanterre university, Irma and many conferences.She is also the publisher of “Don’t believe the Hype”(http://virginieberger.com), a website dedicated to musicians, artists, bands and people from the music industry. It gives them the tools, resources, expertise and guidance to help them take their music career to the next level.”

Laurel Rynda Laurel Rynda
1968media (USA)Rynda has an extensive background in the music business, digital marketing, social media, and business development. Currently she is focused on working with established music artists such as The Smashing Pumpkins, managing all digital strategy and content creation initiatives. She also consults for startup technology companies and is on advisory boards for a number of non-profit organizations. Because of her expertise in these different areas you will often find her speaking at international conferences on a variety of subjects. For more information go to www.rynda.me

McGregor Sam McGregor Sam
Marketing Director, Good Lizard Media (UK)Good Lizard Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency from the UK. Working with artists and brands to create bespoke marketing strategies at the highest level, whether in building customer bases, curating fanbase initiatives or driving product sales.With a pedigree of number one albums, major TV and film releases; Good Lizard look to promote through the latest web initiatives and apps, nurturing a long-lasting consumer base.In-house web design and dedicated marketing managers enable the company to quickly and efficiently turn ideas into reality and campaign concepts into measurable deliverables.Clients Include; The Prodigy, BBC, Channel 4, The Subways, O2

Rynda gives a shout-out to MIDEM!

Midem is by far one of my favorite conferences. Those that know me well can understand that considering my love for French culture. Of course that is not the only reason – it truly is a top-notch music conference – so when they asked me to do a little video for them I said MAIS OUI!