Rynda presenting @ MIDEM 2013: Marketing – Fan-to-Fan Marketing for Artists & Brands

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Today’s marketing strategies must go beyond the direct-to-fan model for maximum impact. Artists and brands can expand reach by working with and inspiring fans to share and communicate their vision. Various methods can be used to maximize engagement within a fanbase while also expanding the reach to new fans. Discover how innovative ideas, cross marketing among platforms, working with startups, and building strong communities can help you set up a successful fan-to-fan marketing strategy.

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Social Media Club, AF83média, ReadWriteWeb and Techtoc.tv present SMC Lounge

Social Media Club, AF83média, ReadWriteWeb and Techtoc.tv present SMC Lounge/ Tech Talk Show- a marathon gathering everybody around passionate tech-discussions and interviews with top-notch guests. The talkshow will be mostly in english, with american and french english-speaking hosts.

MEDIA: All media outlets are welcome and will be offered access to a green-background in a connecting studio as well as interviews with our guests

WHERE: Webcastor: 47 rue des entrepôts, 93400 Saint Ouen – located 4 minutes from subway station “Porte de Clignancourt”, line 4. MAP

(*up-to-date info click here)

Interested in an intereview? contact me at rynda.laurel@af83.com or on twitter @rynda

Digital Music Forum West: Rynda’s Twitter Notes

Due to a few requests here are some of my notes and comments via Twitter during DIGITAL MUSIC FORUM WEST.  (for info on all the great speakers etc check out the DMFW website.)

Also here are the rest of the #dmfw tweets:  http://twitter.com/#search?q=dmfw

Digital Music News (@digitalmusicnws) also posted some great info.

I have highlighted some important MUSIC RESOURCE and ARTIST TOOLS. Follow these services for more information on them – tell them @rynda sent ya!


day 1

#DMFW where is @spinaltap (@ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel w/ 2 others)

#dmfwest @spinaltap @nedsherman @mobileroadie in the house…

RT @TAGStrategic: Ted’s opening remarks @ DMFW: we need better licensing, sustainable margins, acceptable price points, and dialogue. #dmfw

Ya’ll know that Ted Cohen is @spinaltap right? Follow him! #DMFW

Hoping some of these presentations will be available online to review later (hint). #DMFW

WOW Ted Mico just pulled out a Captain Beefheart reference. He is my new favorite. #dmfw

Music in the Cloud panel w/ Aydin Caginalp, Albhy Galuten (Sony), @mp3tunes @mog @thumbplay @BridgeCo ps>Where’s @soundcloud? #dmfw

Jeff Price (@tunecore) and Ted Cohen (@spinaltap) kiss and make up. #DMFW photo to prove it> http://ow.ly/i/4mPF

#dmfw @GetGlue might be a good music discovery/word of mouth marketing tool – esp for catalog artists (i ♥ jellyfish) http://bit.ly/9SGhHc

Good Question – what about #GeoLocation #LBS and #music? #DMFW Good answers from @moblieroadie@brocksteady & Mitch Rotter (uni)

yes – Artist to Fan engagement is the key

PS> check @eventful for touring requests… #dmfw

Discussion about ticket sales with @stubhub – dunno what I think about it yet… does the artist get a cut? #dmfw

?Is it wrong to resell a concert ticket? Why? Not sure f I agree but @stubhub has a point-is it different frm re-selling a Hockey tic? #dmfw

Paperless concert tickets suck without any transferability. if I can’t go to a show-I want to give the tickets to my sister! thoughts? #dmfw

#dmfw RT @SuCrew @rynda @stubhub tricky issue-1 thing to buy tix & have plans change-another to buy tix with intent to make profit reselling

#dmfw RT @a2d2: @rynda transferable online tickets. Cede ownership via email, online confirm. VidGame channel resellers like Steam do it now

Thanks #DMFW for an informative and excitement filled day! #coctailtime


day 2
(@ Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel w/ 3 others)

Check out The Highway Girl @SamanthaMurphy a traveling music TV show &… community for artists… www.samanthamurphy.com/ #music #dmfw

Digital Copyright is important but it gives me a headache. Plus much like government what say do the little people have? #music #dmfw

(re Digital Copyright) @SamanthaMusphy: @rynda that’s why we have to change things. It gives me a headache too, but if not us then who? #dmfw

to @SamanthaMurphy yes I totally agree

check out @skullcandy -“killer headphones” Who owns a pair? . #dmfw

.@skullcandy sends their finance guys out on tour. Love it. #dmfw

RIck Alden (@skullcandy) have you met Tony Heisch from @Zappos you guys both promote culture environments in the workplace. #awesome #dmfw

yea! @DigitalLA in the house… #dmfw

I’m a fan of both @bandcamp and @topspinmedia who are on the #DMFW #diy panel today- Check them out if you don’t already know about them. #music

DIY tools for artists in addition to @topspinmedia @bandcamp = @reverbnation @eventful @nextbigsound @artistdata +use @hootsuite #dmfw

oooh forgot @rootmusic for Facebook! #DIY Artist tools. #dmfw

Music Artists > for #DIY – go get @cyberpr Ariel Hyatt’s book @musicsuccessin9 #dmfw

Music Artists: If Social Media overwhelms you-get someone who loves to do it & get them to help you-but make sure u r still connecting #dmfw

#DIY YES! John Boyle brings up the topic of Team Building for DIY- which makes it Do It With a Team. DIWT (or do it with twitter? smile #dmfw

really good question! RT @betsykcrw: Do you think Kurt Cobain would’ve been tweeting? (DIY Music in the Digital Age at #DMFW)

Brands & Music panelwith> @guvera @pigFACTORYmusic @Yahoo @brandracket @7digital @LinchpinDigital #dmfw

Great Brands and Music resource out of the UK: http://www.brandsbandsfans.com/ and http://www.fruktcomms.com/category/news/ #dmfw

RT @digitalla: Some useful tips here… #DMFW RT @mashable Top 10 Twitter Tips for Bands, By Bands http://t.co/60tnOb0

Some people to follow from the #touring panel @nicadler @theRoxy @jordanglazier @eventful @KelliRichards @controlroom #dmfw

@RootMusic sure thing! you want to see my favorite @RootMusic FB page? see @RyanBingham btw>i think u should b able to xport gigs 2 calendar

Don’t wanna miss local concerts? In addition to @eventful check out the @ilikelocal concerts app and/or @bandsintown and @gigzee #dmfw

oops forgot @songkick #music #concerts #DontMissThem! #dmfw

Nothing is going to replace a being in a venue sweaty and loud… with your friends... @nicadler #music #touring #dmfw (totallyagree)

ditto! RT @TAGStrategic: Excellent second day at #dmfw. Congrats to Ned, Tinzar, Jay and team!

you’re welcome- great event! RT @TinzarT: @rynda @TAGStrategic Thank you so much! We appreciate your support. Have a great night!

Till next time…



Guest Blogger: iMedia: Twitter, Zappos, and the science of happiness…

iMedia: Twitter, Zappos, and the science of happiness…

Twitter, Zappos, and the science of happiness
March 18, 2009

Article Highlights:

  • How does Zappos’ CEO define the key elements of his company’s success?
  • What are the frameworks that will help predict customer, and personal, satisfaction in your business?
  • See what the Twitterati had to say about Hsieh’s ideas and ideals

Is Disneyland still the happiest place on earth? Maybe not.

Enter Zappos.com — a perfect mashup of Virgin branding, early Nordstom customer service policy, and Deepak Chopra ideals wrapped up into a box and shipped to your home (shipped for free of course). The customer is happy, employees are happy, and most of all, Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos.com, is ecstatic. Not only did the online clothing e-tailer rake in a cool billion dollars last year, but Hsieh invested in his business even further with what he calls the “Science of Happiness.” This makes him happy on a whole new level.

In his keynote address at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) this week, Hsieh championed the “Science of Happiness” as the secret sauce of Zappos’ success, and a main theme that encompasses his entire business philosophy.

So how does Hsieh explain the way Zappos is marrying financial success with the elusive concept of happiness? And how can other marketers incorporate “happiness” into their campaigns and business models? Hsieh feels that, arguably, the first step is to find out what it is that will make you, and your customers, happy. In his presentation, Hsieh asked the audience to take a step back and think about their goals in life. He asserted that most people are bad at predicting what will make them happy, so they need to start thinking about it in terms of four frameworks: perceived control, perceived progress, connectedness, and vision and meaning.

For Hsieh, happiness in Zappos’ business comes from its vision of owning the three Cs: culture, clothing, and customer service. Already, Zappos is taking control of public perception of the digital commerce model, and making progress in defining just what quality service means in the digital age. Which leaves one key element…

140 characters to happiness
When it comes to connectedness, there are few digital platforms that have been more embraced than Zappos use of Twitter, the pervasive short-messaging service that is reinventing the way consumers and marketers express what’s on their minds — and in their corporate plans. It’s certainly affected the way SXSWi conversations are spreading. While listening to Hsieh’s presentation, it was apparent that in addition to the usual notetakers, there was a flurry of tweeting going on. See for yourself:

Twitter: jongos: Getting ready for Tony Hsieh’s Opening remarks. #zappos #sxswi
Twitter: thesaulter: CEO at Zappos started as a pizza maker in college…awesome. #sxsw #zappos
Twitter: dg: funny…I never heard of zappos before I got on twitter and I haven’t bought anything from them yet #zappos #sxsw

So if the Science of Happiness is helping Zappos find its moral and business compass, and technology like Twitter is helping it to service its customers, how does Hsieh view the marketing process?

Customer service as a marketing tool
It should be obvious that customer service should be a number one priority, but Zappos takes customer service to an extreme, delivering “WOW” through service. Moreover, they have the revenue and return customer to show that it works. In the Zappos world, you can order shoes, or a wallet, or a dress, in multiple sizes and colors, and you can return any of them within 365 days, with free shipping both ways. Oh, and if you have a little problem, just ring customer service and they will take care of you — always. Does this make customers happy? Yes. Will they buy again? Yes. Will they tell your friends? Absolutely. Again, see for yourself:

Twitter: ZackTeibloom: #sxsw #zappos customer service customer service customer service customer service customer service customer
Twitter: KimMoldofsky: RT @amykchulik Great point: “Everything that improves the customer experience is really a marketing expense.” #sxsw #zappos
Twitter: Jackiehuba: Zappos views $ that goes into improving customer experience as marketing $ #sxsw
Twitter: jodyg: “People may not remember what you said or did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” **Tony Hsieh – Zappos #sxsw
Twitter: ralftgehrig: Embarassing: didn’t even know #zappos but they are an amazing customer experience brand.

Are you happy now?
Every day we hear about CEOs of major corporations taking bailout money and flying around on their corporate jets. We hear about them stealing from their employees and their customers. It is refreshing to hear a CEO discuss his company with excitement and commitment to the customer and the employee. And just as refreshing to see ideas like his catching on with the marketing Twitterati.

Twitter: joemescher: #sxsw, #zappos, #Austin, and Tony Hsieh are all top trends on twitter today (social media mavens unite!).
Twitter: jwphillips: Keynote winding down. Fantastic preso. Tony Hsieh is the man, and seriously knows how to run a company the right way. I dig. #sxsw #zappos
Twitter: sxswguide: btw, #zappos keynote was amazing. I like that happiness is explicitly a focus for values and culture sxsw (@mjpizz)

Zappos is walking the path of happiness right to the bank, and it all started with one step — in a shoe, in the right size.