Tech talent judge for Talenthouse / Tech Zulu.

Rynda will be a tech talent judge for the Talenthouse Tech Zulu Hackathon!

Friday, June 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM
– to –
Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 11:30 PM (PDT)Talenthouse HQ
8810 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90069
As creators, developers, and hackers, we love a good challenge and even more so with time restrictions. We also enjoy spending weekends in front of the computer working on new projects or building the next mobile app. It’s our fuel. Myself included. The West Hollywood based team over at Talenthouse feels the same way. With us all in agreement on how we enjoy spending our weekends, there’s only one thing to do…hackathon!We here at TechZulu put our heads together with the people at Talenthouse to bring you an exciting weekend of hacking, music, food, art, and Hollywood quality entertainment. The event will focus on solutions driving creative discovery and sharing of art. Talenthouse will be opening up their platform containing over 20 million pieces of creative to assist participants in their development.The hackathon will take place the evening of June 7th & all day June 8th at the amazing Talenthouse offices in West Hollywood. After a weekend of hacking we’ll have awards for the best/most exciting projects selected by an all-star cast of judges. This is Hollywood after all people.


June 7th – Friday – Day 1

6:00 pm Dinner & Networking
7:00 pm Welcome & Speakers
8:00 pm Team Formation
11:00 pm Time For Rest

June 8th – Saturday – Day 2

7:00 am Wake-up! Breakfast Time!
12:00 pm Lunch
5:00 pm Final 60-Min Mark
6:00 pm Dinner & Presentations
7:30 pm Judging and Awards

7:45 pm AFTER – PARTY w/ DJ Photek

Judging Panel 

We’re excited to annouce part of our judging panel with some great influencers – Chris DeWolfe of SGN, Ted Cohen of TAG Strategic, Roman Scharf of Talenthouse, Ann Greenberg of Sceneplay, and Rynda Laurel of 1968Media.



About Talenthouse:

Talenthouse is the world’s platform for creative collaboration, connecting aspiring talent, established artists and brand advertisers. Artists always retain ownership of their own work using Talenthouse as a platform to collaborate, grow their audience and monetize their work. Brands choose Talenthouse to engage in a dialogue with consumers in an entertaining, relevant and credible context.

Talenthouse is where artists and brands engage to build an authentic community that rewards creativity and unlocks the value of collaboration.

Our mission is to liberate all artists.


Congrats to Soundrop, Public Enemy and Greg Dulli added to launch.

Greg Dulli Soundrop room








1968media clients Public Enemy and Greg Dulli are part of the newest feature for Soundrop. We created our own playlist at the same time! (why not?)

About Soundrop & 1968media: #LittleParties4Dulli: Last May we organized an online Birthday Party for Greg Dulli called #littleparties4Dulli on Soundrop so fans could listen to his music all day while chatting. The superfans did this every year in their private chat room so we decided to make it more social for all fans to participate.  We used multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the most fun was in Soundrop.  After the party, the fans asked if we could keep the room up so we did, it became the official Greg Dulli listening channel on Spotify and now… on Facebook.  Listen now!

Public Enemy:  Chuck D will be doing a chat in the Public Enemy room in the next few weeks. Listen to PE here.

We believe Soundrop (an artist’s listening room with chat) is the perfect place for fans to gather to get to know each other better and listen to music they love.  Eventually Brands and Celebs and Influencers will be curating their own rooms.

ALSO OF NOTE – if fans listen on Soundrop/Spotify instead of their own collection, the artist gets royalties & it helps spread the message. Win win for Fans and Artists.

-Rynda, 1968media


Soundrop brings real social listening and music discovery to Facebook

Iconic artists help their fans connect through music with Soundrop in Facebook

Cannes, France and Oslo, Norway – January 28, 2013 – Popular social listening service Soundrop today brought its listening rooms to the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. For the first time, everyone can listen to their favorite artists while chatting with their friends and other fans right on an artist’s Facebook page.

Many artists have already used Soundrop rooms to engage their fanbase while accelerating their Spotify traffic. Today, they can engage their fans with Soundrop in Facebook while at the same time accelerating their video traffic. You can see Soundrop on the Facebook pages of some of the world’s top artists and labels including:

A Soundrop room embedded on Facebook is the exact same room found in the popular Soundrop app on Spotify. Voting, chatting and playback is all synchronized in real-time. What one person writes in the Soundrop room on Facebook is what another person sees in the room on Spotify. When someone votes up a track, the playlist changes for everyone, no matter where they use Soundrop.

Playback in the Soundrop Facebook app is handled by VEVO and YouTube. Together, the Facebook app and Spotify app ensure that fans everywhere can enjoy an engaging social experience around their favorite artists and connect with fans from around the world.

“We’re excited to make Soundrop available in the main place where artists connect with their fans,” said Inge Andre Sandvik, CEO, Soundrop. “Whether you want to use VEVO and YouTube or Spotify as your music service, Soundrop has you covered. We streamed more than 500 million tracks last year in Spotify, and now we’re excited to help artists accelerate their video traffic by bringing our same addictive social music service to Facebook.”



Silicon Beach Fest Fall 2012: Music: Tech A&R panel

Music: Tech A&R
With so many music apps and streaming services available, what new opportunities can the startups of tomorrow present artists and fans while attracting listeners and consumers? Much like A&R reps look for talent, performance and the live experience for an artist, we look for a perfect combination of purpose, functionality and user experience for a music startup.

Rynda Laurel (moderator)1968media Founder/CEO@rynda

Scott PerrySperry Media Founder@scottperry

Deborah KleinHands On Management CEO@bellabina

Andy Sternberg

Adler Integrated, Chief Digital Strategist


Nick Lippman
Lippman Entertainment, Vice President

Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation

Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation 

To showcase the digital innovation happening all over Southern California, the first Silicon Beach Fest was held in Los Angeles last weekend. To bring you the inside scoop, we went to three panels at Hotel Erwin in Venice, CA, to hear digital media experts working onThe GrammysTeam Coco, Fox Broadcasting, the Smashing Pumpkins, Social TV plus a Social Enterprise Panel doing social good. While many view Silicon Valley as the start-up hub, Silicon Beach is on the rise.After organizing 7-8 panels/month, Digital LAcreated this conference that was presented by engage: BDR. The conference included keynotes (Eric Garcetti, LA City Council Member), a hackathon and themed venue hub events organized and / or hosted by companies (PromoJam, Google, TechZulu), accelerators (StartEngine, Amplify), as well as coworking spaces (Coloft, CoWorks, io/LA, Cross Campus, and Working Village.)

Rynda Laurel (1968 Media, Digital Manager, Smashing Pumpkins) moderates Music Panel at Silicon Beach Fest
Photo credit:
by Liz H Kelly

Some of the panel hubs featured were the Startup Hub, Leadership Hub, Hollywood Hub, Branding/Ad Hub and Hollywood Trek. Fest attendees and speakers included invited celebrities, start-ups, VCs, movie and music studio execs, agencies, fashion, content creators, artists, social media gurus, developers, and more that traveled from all over the country to Southern California.

The Music: Discovery and Social Media Panel included Rynda Laurel (1968 Media, Digital Manager, Smashing Pumpkins), Andrew Mains (Mobile Roadie COO), Lindsay Gabler (The Grammys, Social Media), Ricardo Diaz (TBWA/Chiat/Day, Director, Creative Technology) and Thomas Ford (Soundrop, US Ambassador.) The group debated the best ways to create a new experience for music fans through social media and live events. Another hot topic was whether artists should give music away for free to attract audiences to live events or protect their IP online.

This music panel was interactive, and took a poll about how people find music, and many raised hands for Spotify, Pandora, and Tumblr. Lindsay Gabler, The Grammys, spoke about their most recent awards show that was the biggest social media event ever, “This past campaign was huge in terms of our mobile strategy. Grammy Live is a 3-day live streaming of all Grammy coverage. We had our iPhone app, the iPad app, basically wherever you want to experience the Grammys or music, we’re there. And that’s how we look at everything.”

Read rest of article here: Silicon Beach Fest Showcases Southern California’s Digital Innovation 

Congrats to everyone who participated in this first Silicon Beach Fest. And big shout out to Kevin Winston (Digital LA Founder and former Fox Interactive Media/MySpace co-worker) and the 150 volunteers on your huge success. For more digital entertainment panels and events in Southern California, visit

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